Eric Swiggum DBA

(Doing Business As ________)

Hi. I’m Eric.

Since 2009 I’ve been working on making SQL Server faster. I’ve sat through countless hours of webinars and attended numerous in-person conferences to bring you a clear and conscience approach managing all aspects of SQL Server.

In addition to this I’ve begun a journey into DevOps and CI/CD in order to bring a faster and more consistent delivery of code. Please join me in my future endeavors and posts for all things techy! 🙂

  • PASSMN SQL Saturday Download
    Bad Habits: Common antipatterns that will bring sql server to its knees
  • I’m back!
    After an eight year hiatus, is back online! Way back in 2014 I started a blog, “The SQL Layman” hahaha I thought that was clever 😏